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I am a word man. I don't know how my songs get written. I have planned some, but many just show up when the time is right. Most of the time tunes come relatively easy. The words are my test, and it's the words that planted the seed for this book of lyrics. From "Chilly Out Tonight," which is the introduction of this collection, comes this line. "I only sing of the moments that spring from the heart of a well somewhere within." There it is.
Some of what you read is me, some you, and some people and events neither of us experienced first hand. As it passes through me to you, I hope it moves you in some way. Laughter, tears, joy, sadness, love, despair, hope, redemption, faith. If some piece of this touches you, I am grateful.


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"If you've lost track of the unique characters in your life, look in Mayon's stories. You will find them living and dying in uncut time." - Woody Thurman, Songwriter, poet & entertainer

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Below is my book's song lyric index. I selected a few for you to sample. These are not included on the new CD.

Good To Have So Much You Want To Say - Introduction ----- "Chilly Out Tonight"
Section I - Stories Waiting In
The Shadows
Section II - Moments That Spring
From The Heart
Section III - Caught Up In A World We Have Fashioned Section IV - About The Lady
With The Ring
Alive Comfort Of A Friend Asshole Take A Chance
Ego Rows Old Fashioned Do You Dance Heaven Touched Me
Cherry Wine Raggedy Andy Impressions One Last Kiss
The Bartender's Waltz How Will You Know Before My Time Can't Get Enough
Blessed State (All Is Well) A Matter Of Time Time And Again Mackie's Song
David Angel & Thomas Over Again Life Passes By So In Love With You
Mr. Tommy It's Alright Nickelodeon Dark Side Of The Heart
Stormin' Sleep My Child (Lullaby) Slow Blues I'd Like To Know
I Love My Truck I Love You So Heed Your Brother's Call Empty Love
The Meaning Of Life The Less I Know Every One Of Us (Power) Things Are Doin' Well
That I Might Sail As They Belong The Best Place For Me Last Cigarette
  Comfort To Thee Hard Way To Go Heartbroken
  When We Were Young Day To Day Keep Each Other Warm
  Carolina Home   That's All It Took
      Hold On
      Anniversary Waltz
      God Sent An Angel
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